Veterinary Behavior Consultations, PC

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Who should attend the behavior consultation?

Dr. Lindell will need to meet with the person who will be responsible for organizing and implementing the behavioral treatment plan. All household members are welcome to attend. 

Keep in mind that an initial Comprehensive Behavior Consultation can be up to 2 hours long. Young children may not be comfortable sitting still for such an extended period. It may be beneficial to schedule an initial visit with adult household members. Children can then attend a second, shorter visit. Another option is to bring along an adult friend, relative or child care provider.

If aggressive or fearful behavior is directed toward a particular adult family member, it may be helpful for Dr. Lindell to observe your pet's interaction with that person. If it would be safe to take a video of some interactions, please email the videos prior to the date of your appointment. 

Which pets should attend the behavior consultation?

When 2 household pets behave aggressively toward each other, then both of those pets must be present for the consultation. Interactions among social animals are complicated. It is important for Dr. Lindell to observe and evaluate postural interactions in order to determine an accurate diagnosis and design an appropriate treatment plan.

Please note: If your dogs behave aggressively toward each other in the home environment, each dog must be accompanied by an adult that can be responsible for leash restraint. Be assured that there will be no attempts to deliberately elicit any dangerous aggressive response.

If you have more than 2 pets to evaluate, or if you are not certain which pets should attend the consultation, please ask.