Veterinary Behavior Consultations, PC

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Preventative Behavior Consultations
(average appointment time: 1 hour)

Pre-adoption counseling 

This service offers an opportunity to discuss behaviors to look for when screening a potential dog or cat prior to adoption. For those individuals seeking a pure-bred pet, personality traits and aptitudes of specific breeds are discussed to improve the chance of a good match.  

Post-adoption counseling 

This service is designed to provide your new pet with a customized enrichment strategy. A temperament evaluation will be done so that potential behavioral problems may be identified and appropriate behavioral modification techniques introduced. 

Prevention--life changes

Smooth transitions for people and pets alike are best accomplished with some planning. Management strategies as well as enrichment and behavior modification programs can be designed based on your individual needs and your pet's temperament. Here are some common situations best managed with some advanced planning:  

New job or schedule

New home

Baby on the way

New pet on the way

New adult person on the way

Elective surgical procedure for a caregiver

Elective surgical procedure for your pet