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Just for cats 

We appreciate that cats are complicated. As a species, cats are exquisitely sensitive to stressors in their indoor environments.   Even cats that appear content to sit, and just sit and sit, may be prone to a range of clinical syndromes that appear at least partly stress-related.

Our behavior team believes that enriching the lives of house cats is critical for their well-being. During your Just for Cats session, we will design a customized environmental and social enrichment program for your special cat. Cat’s of all ages are welcome.

To help us with environmental enrichment, please bring photos of your living space or a video tour if available.  

For social enrichment we invite you to learn more about clicker training. If your cat loves people and treats, bring some favorite treats to the appointment. We will dispel the old adage that “dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

Go ahead—make your cat’s day (amazing)!