Veterinary Behavior Consultations, PC

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Before starting any training program, but particularly when a dog exhibits signs of fear and / or aggressive behavior, we believe that it is important to understand the underlying causes for the behavior. It is a common misconception that aggressive behavior reflects inadequate training or that is is an expression of dominance. New research suggests that some types of training methods can exacerbate underlying anxiety or aggression. Our behavior team is committed to using only humane, science-based methods to help you improve your dog's behavior.

We realize that there are many options for managing behaviors specific to dogs. Veterinary behaviorists are trained to evaluate and treat purely behavioral concerns and to identify and manage medical conditions that may be affecting your pet's behavior. Dog trainers and non-veterinary behaviorists are also available for assistance with teaching behavioral skills though their qualifications and levels of education vary widely. To learn more about selecting a dog trainer, please visit